About me

WHO: Danis T. Nguyen. 25 Years.

WHAT:  Student. Software Developer. Bookworm.

WHERE: Canada

WHEN: The time is now!

WHY: Now here’s where it gets interesting. Why. Well why not? As a prospective programmer, dipping my feet into web design and blogging seemed like a logical first step if I want to one day be successful. And believe me, one day, I want to be very, very successful. So forget about getting my feet wet, I’m diving in head first.

  • I am an ambitious individual that has a very broad and optimistic perspective on life and the world around us. In my lifetime (so far) I have gone through an incredibly wide range of experiences. From the high’s of cloud 9 to the low’s of the pit of despair, everything that I am, is attributed to everything that I have seen and done. As a result, I plan on seeing and doing a lot more, as much as I possibly can, so that one day I can look back and say to myself, “my life was pretty great”.
  • I believe that opportunities in life exist only for brief moments, and that the one life-changing moment will depend on whether you even realize it was there in the first place. For this reason, I equip myself to try and capitalize on these moments the best way I know how; reading. The combined knowledge of ten thousand years of human civilization is written down somewhere, and with the advent of the internet, it’s all readily available. It feels like it would be a waste to just live an entire lifetime without at least attempting to acquire some of this knowledge. They may say that ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power, and where I’m going, there is no room for ignorance. Reading also allows you to experience the impossible. New worlds, fantastic creatures, a thousand different lives, and a thousand different conflicts. The unreal, the illogical, the tragic and the epic, all of this exists within books. All you have to do is read about it.
  • I believe in the power of compassion. That no matter how dark the world seems to be, or how much of a badass you claim to be, every human soul has the capacity to lend a hand and help your fellow man out.
  • I believe in true love. That for someone you truly, deeply love, there is no sacrifice too great that would make you think twice about it. That for their happiness, safety and well being, you would do anything and everything to achieve it, with zero regard for yourself. I believe this, because I have seen it. It is real.
  • And finally believe that dreams are for the lazy. Everything that you want in life is attainable. You don’t need talent, you don’t need skill. All you need is hard work,┬áperseverance, and the will power to never give up. I know this sounds cliche straight from a self-help book but its the truth. I could go on and on about this topic so I will just leave it at that. You want it? Go get it. Now.

Its nice to meet you.

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